BU RISE: Research Internship in Science and Engineering (High School Summer Program)

RISEMost summers, we host students in our lab for the 6-week summer research program for rising high school seniors.

Students we hosted as part of the BU RISE program, their internship topics and posters are listed below.

Year Name Topic
2023 Sonya Hong Automated Classification of Electrocardiagram Data Using Machine Learning, Poster
2022 Richard Chen Web Application for HPC Anomaly Diagnosis, Poster
2022 Kyra Terez Web Application for HPC Anomaly Diagnosis, Poster
2021 Sifa Wangia Using IT Power and Outdoor Temperature Data to Predict Total Power Consumption, Poster
2021 Sophia Holland ARIMA-Based IT Power Forecasting, Poster
2018 Eileen Zhang Runtime Power Estimation for Mobile CPUs with Performance Monitoring Counters and Machine Learning, Poster
2017 Clarissa Wong Detecting Anomalies in User Profiles in the Cloud via Machine Learning, Poster
2016 Richard Lee Measuring the Effects of a Record and Replay Tool on Android Application Fuzz Testing, Poster
(Main Project Advisor: Prof. Manuel Egele)
2016 Vanessa Lin Deterministic Replay for User-Interactive Android Applications, Poster
2015 Victor Sun Power Management on State-of-the-Art Mobile Processors, Poster
2015 Andrea de Oliveira Power Profiling on Mobile Platforms, Poster
2014 Ari Cotler Power Aware Computing Hardware Management Software for Android Mobile Systems, Poster
2012 David Mace Acceleration-Based Gesture Recognition Using a Fuzzy Neural Network Variant, Poster
2011 Yassine Mouline Detection of Parkinson’s Disease with Programmable Watch using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Hilbert-Huang Transform, Poster