Visiting Professors and Post Doctoral Researchers

  • Photo of Katzalin

    Katzalin Olcoz Herrero
    Visiting Professor, Sept-Dec 2017
    Topic: Green computing, energy efficiency, high performance computing, many-core architectures and virtualization

  • Photo of Andrea

    Andrea Bartolini
    Visiting Post-Doc, August 2012
    Topic: Power management of many-core systems with message passing.

Visiting PhD Students

  • Photo of Marina

    Marina Zapater
    Visiting PhD student, July-October 2012 & September-December 2014
    Topic: Leakage-aware cooling control of enterprise servers.

Visiting Undergraduate Students

  • Photo of Seyda

    Şeyda Güzelhan
    Remote Intern, Aug-Oct 2020
    Topic: Hybrid Cooling Parameter Optimization via Deep Learning

  • Photo of Efe

    Efe Sencan
    Remote Intern, June-Sept 2020
    Topic: Anomaly Diagnosis of HPC Systems Using Machine Learning

  • Photo of Burak

    Burak Aksar
    Visiting Undergraduate student, June-Sept 2017
    Topic: Energy Efficient Silicon Photonic ManyCore Systems

  • Photo of Barkin

    Barkin Tuncer
    Visiting Undergraduate student, June-Sept 2017
    Topic: Anomaly Detection on Cloud Systems with Machine Learning

  • Photo of Ahmet

    Ahmet Fatih Inci
    Visiting Undergraduate student, June-Sept 2016
    Topic: Temperature Dependent DRAM Power and Performance Model