Undergraduate Research in PeacLab

uropUndergraduates participate in research at PeacLab in various ways (including work study programs or funded BU programs such as UROP). Most undergraduate students in our lab co-author research papers and/or contribute to substantial hardware or software development.

The following students received Hakim Fellowship:

Cyril Saade CE’17 Design and Implementation of Thermal Simulators for Emerging Processing Systems
Hakim Fellow Cyril Saade: Designing a Thermal Simulator for Emerging Computer Chips (Video)

The following students received Lutchen Fellowship:

Sadie Allen CE’21 Praxi: Cloud Software Discovery That Learns From Practice
Sadie Allen: 2019 Distinguished Summer Research Fellow (Video)
Anthony Byrne CE’19 Machine Learning and Cloud Analytics
John Knollmeyer CE’17 Machine Learning Tools for Cloud Analytics
Lutchen Fellow John Knollmeyer: Cloud Analytics using Machine Learning Techniques (Video)

The following students participated in the UROP program:

Emika Hammond CE’25 Machine Learning and Cloud Analytics
Jason Li CE’25 Applied Machine Learning and Cloud Analytics
Lisa Korver CE’24 Machine Learning and Cloud Analytics
Yin-Ching Lee CE’24 Applied Machine Learning, Monitoring and Management of Large-Scale Systems, High Performance Computing Analytics
Quentin Clark CE’24 Reinforcement learning, learned control methods, multimodal learning
Carlton Knox CE’23 Thermal Analysis of Processor Cooling Solutions
Haoming Yi CE’23 Detection and Classification of Advanced Persistent Threat, Synthesis of Private and High-Fidelity Telemetry Data
Qintian Huang CE’23 Artificial Intelligence for High Performance Computing Systems Analytics
Joshua Shterenberg CE’23 & PY’23 Anomaly Diagnosis in HPC Systems
Devin Goodwin EE’23 Simulation of data centers in demand response programs
Yanni Pang CE’23 Energy-efficient serverless computing
Allen Zou CE’23 Energy-efficient serverless computing
Samantha Puterman CE’22 Automated Distributed Tracing
Yixiu Zhu EE’22 Thermal Analysis of Manycore Chips with Integrated Photonics
Trishita Tiwari CE’19 Monitoring Resource Usage of Applications to Detect Compromised Systems
Anthony Byrne CE’19 Machine Learning and Cloud Analytics
Veronica Herzog CE’18 Deterministic Replay of Mobile Applications (Main Project Advisor: Prof. Manuel Egele)
Cyril Saade CE’17 Design and implementation of thermal simulators for emerging processing systems
John Knollmeyer CE’17 Machine learning tools for cloud analytics
Cristian Morales CE’16 Power and thermal modeling for systems with on-chip silicon-photonic networks
Dean Shi CE’16 Power management of mobile computing platforms
Annie Lane CE’16 Data center demand response and interactions of data centers and the smart grid
Nathaniel Michener CE’16 Microarchitrectural simulation of 3D-stacked systems with on-chip DRAM
Jonathan Bell CE’14 Setup and benchmarking of virtualized servers in data centers
John-Nicholas Furst CE’13 Many-core system analysis and optimization on the Intel Single Chip Cloud (SCC)

Undergraduate students who were funded through other grants or programs:

Wooyoung Cho CE’22 Performance problem diagnosis in distributed systems
Benjamin Havey CE’14 Adaptive power capping on virtualized servers
Samuel Howes CE’14 Thermal simulation, visualization of simulation data, building a simulation infrastructure that connects performance and thermal simulators in Python and C++
Katsutoshi Kawakami CE’13 Thermal simulation, focusing on 3D-stacked systems and liquid cooling
Ryan Mullen CE’10 Power and performance modeling and measurement for multicore architectures