Current Post-Doctoral Researchers

  • Photograph of Dr. Can Hankendi

    Can Hankendi
    Research topics: Sustainable and energy-aware computing
    Dr. Can Hankendi is a post-doctoral researcher at Boston University, specializing in sustainable and carbon-aware computing, as well as energy-efficient management of compute platforms. His research focuses on optimizing data center operations for energy and carbon efficiency and exploring data center participation in demand response programs.
    Prior to joining Boston University as a post-doctoral researcher in 2024, Dr. Hankendi held several roles in the industry from 2013 to 2021. He served as a Power Management Architect at AMD, Power/Thermal Architect at Samsung Austin Research Center (SARC) and Post-silicon Power/Thermal Optimization Engineer at Qualcomm. He was also the founder of a startup company, where he built SaaS solutions for financial institutions and retail investors. He successfully exited his startup in 2023.
    Dr. Hankendi holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering from Boston University (2015) and a M.Sc. degree (2010) in Electrical & Computer Engineering from University of Southern California.

  • Previous Members

  • Photograph of Dr. Ata Turk

    Ata Turk
    Dr. Ata Turk received his PhD degree from the Computer Science (CS) Department at Bilkent in September, 2012, as a member of the Parallel and Distributed Computing Lab.

    His research areas include information retrieval, cloud computing systems, big data problems, energy efficiency, and mobile computing and he has expertise in mining, placement, replication, scheduling, mapping, clustering, declustering, partitioning, ordering (basically combinatorial optimization) problems for possible improvements in performance, energy requirements, and cost.

    Prior to joining BU, he worked at Yahoo Labs, Barcelona, as a member of the Web retrieval team.
    First position after BU: VP of Cloud Architecture, State Street.