The Pardee School Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is a standing committee that guides the school’s work in ensuring a diverse, egalitarian, and inclusive workplace and educational experience. It advises the Dean and Faculty on DEI issues, including ways of further strengthening DEI in the life of the Pardee School and supporting faculty and students in incorporating diverse perspectives into their learning and research. The committee will consult widely with the Pardee School community to understand both challenges and opportunities and to formulate recommendations as needed. The committee also consults in coordination with other bodies within Boston University on university-wide DEI matters and initiatives. It consists of 3 faculty members, 2 staff members, and at least 2 student representatives (one undergraduate, one graduate) appointed by the Dean and is chaired by a faculty member appointed by the Dean.

The establishment of the Pardee School Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion extends and formalizes the Pardee School’s commitment to building a supportive and diverse community, understanding the world in all its diversity, and “advancing human progress.” Over time, we anticipate that it will identify gaps, monitor progress, and support DEI efforts of students, faculty, and staff. Particular priorities and activities in a given year will be determined in consultation between the DEI Committee and the Pardee School Dean.

In this, the DEI Committee’s initial year, we request that the committee focus in particular on the following activities and goals:

  • Create a draft of a formal Pardee School diversity mission statement that will reflect the community’s values and priorities, be posted to the Pardee School website, and which will guide future decision-making. To do so, we request that the committee:
    • Plan and hold consultations with faculty, staff, and students.
    • Consult with other DEI teams and offices at Boston University.
    • Present the draft diversity mission statement and associated findings to the Pardee School community through appropriate means and solicit feedback
  • Develop norms and procedures by which the DEI Committee will operate.
  • Outline additional priorities for the current and future years. These may include data gathering and analysis, trainings and events, compilation of resources, etc.
Diversity Committee Members

Scott Taylor, Co-chair, Dean

Min Ye, Co-chair, Professor of International Relations

Kevin Gallagher, Professor of Global Development Policy; Director, GDP Center

Jeremy Menchik, Associate Professor of International Relations & Political Science; Director of CURA: The Institute on Culture, Religion, and World Affairs

Tina Carter De La Cruz, Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Holly Emery, Assistant Director for Graduate Admissions

Lauren Thams, Senior Undergraduate Advisor

Faizaan Firoz Alimohamed, ‘25 International Relations

Bianca Ortiz, IR ’19; currently second-year, MGP