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Orientation is a time for new students to meet each other and build a sense of belonging within our community. Maybe where you start isn't where you end up. In fact, we hope not. But to start you in the right direction—yours—take these opportunities to reflect and interact with your fellow new students.

Howard Thurman said

The Search for Common Ground is a two-fold journey

Dr. Howard Thurman believed the first step in The Search is one of personal self-exploration — when you can go deep down inside yourself, really know who you are and are truly secure in who you are, then you can find yourself in every other human being. The second step of that journey is that need we all feel as humans to be with others — the desire to belong, to be a part of something — a group, a community.

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Complete the mandatory aspects of Orientation through our Blackboard site. Learn more about the academics, resources and support networks on campus as you meet other members of your class through the community building platform, YellowDig.

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Case Studies

Become an informed decision maker by hearing a panel of experts share their perspective on how to handle the situation. Real life scenarios that can happen to you or a friend. A few samples of Case Studies from previous Orientations preparing you for your Orientation.

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