Your first stop for academic guidance

Joining a new academic community means that you need to start building your team of experts to guide you through the world of possibilities ahead of you. At BU, there are teams of people who support new students during their academic transition into the University. Your School/College will assign you an academic advisor who will guide you through exploring your interests and choosing your courses. Students who start in the fall semester will also find support from your Assistant Director of First-Year Success. During Orientation and throughout your time here, you’ll have the chance to interact with faculty and staff who will encourage you to explore, engage, and experience what BU has to offer.

Our Advising website can help you explore the many academic opportunities available to you at BU. It also has answers to many of the academic questions you may have, and it will show you how to connect with the right advisor for additional questions.

Dr. Laura Johnson, Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Affairs

Dan Tyburski, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Programs Office