Dear New Students,

Words can't express how excited I am to welcome you to Boston University. During these extraordinary times, it has become even more apparent that this supportive community gives us opportunities to grow as individuals. With this Orientation, we want to guide you to find your sense of belonging here too.

Our remote Orientation has been designed to be both reflective and interactive. Questions are asked of you to encourage you to delve deeper into your own story, to strengthen your understanding of yourself. On the flip side, virtual experiences challenge you to confidently share your story, and listen respectfully to others share their own. These moments of storytelling enrich our understanding of the world and how we all belong in it. In addition, it influences our own identity development.

I encourage you to return to this site regularly to meet fellow new students through our Continuing Conversations series and complete your Blackboard Orientation course. I can't wait to see all your smiling faces through your BU authenticated Zoom accounts during the live, remote sessions in January. We have a lot in store for you during your transition into our community.

Continue to keep yourself and your loved ones safe,
Shiney James
Director of Orientation

What to Expect

Be exposed to the people, resources and opportunities that BU has to offer at your own pace through a number of different mediums. Most importantly, meet other new members of our community.


Parent & Family Orientation

Parents & Families are encouraged to participate in their own Orientation experience, distinct from the student experience. By signing up, parents and families have opportunities to attend live Orientation sessions and Parents’ Pulse gatherings, to watch informational videos, as well as to participate in Spring Semester Arrival & Campus Life Updates. These opportunities will provide families with in-depth looks into the dedicated support systems for BU students.

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Tuesday Prompts on Yellowdig

Every week a question will be posted to encourage sharing of opinions, perspectives and insights with each other. Like someone’s point of view. Learn from them. Encourage others to join in the conversation. Our new BU students are all around the world. Take time to to get to know and learn from each other during these extraordinary times. Don’t forget you can always start your own prompt to start a discussion!

Set up your YellowDig account through the Orientation Blackboard course.

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Meet Our Team

Our team of continuing students share the best tips and tricks for finding your joy at BU. With at least one year under their belt, they are completely committed to smoothing your transition. We get it. You want to feel like you belong. They can help.

Meet Our Team

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  • Jennica Artica portrait

    Jennica Artica

    I decided to just let Boston University Housing pair me up with a roommate and hope for the best. Honestly, I could not have been happier with their choice.

  • Adam Shamsi sitting on stone structure

    Adam Shamsi

    I am glad I have been able to branch out and meet new people and start to form a new circle of friends.

  • Madison Imoto in front of trees and blue sky

    Madison Imoto

    One thing I do to take care of myself is by making sure I use one day of the weekend to not do any homework at all.

  • Chloe Lankford drinking from a mug

    Chloe Lankford

    Doing all of these self-care things helps make me feel physically and mentally healthy and prepared for my classes and work while also staying connected to the people in my life.