Scott Hirst

Scott Hirst joined Boston University School of law as an associate professor in 2018. His research seeks to explain phenomena in corporate law, securities regulation, and related areas, and to inform policy making on these subjects. His work combines empirical methods and conceptual analyses from finance, accounting, and economics, with close attention to the institutional […]

Pierluigi Matera

Pierluigi Matera is a corporate law scholar and an attorney with a vast experience in both U.S. and European company law. He writes and teaches in the areas of comparative law, sports law, and corporate law—in particular M&A, corporate litigation, and history of business corporations. Prof. Matera has published extensively in both peer-reviewed and student-edited journals, […]

Rory Van Loo

Rory Van Loo’s research focuses on institutional improvements to corporate compliance, with a particular emphasis on consumer technology and financial companies. His articles on these topics were twice chosen through blind peer review for the Harvard/Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum, and have been published in the Columbia Law Review, Cornell Law Review, Duke Law Journal, Georgetown Law […]

David H. Webber

David H. Webber is the author of the critically-acclaimed book, The Rise of the Working-Class Shareholder: Labor’s Last Best Weapon, published by Harvard University Press. Webber toured extensively for the book and published op-eds about it in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and elsewhere. It was reviewed or otherwise covered in […]