Pierluigi Matera

Pierluigi Matera


BA, LUISS of Rome
MA, LUISS of Rome
PhD, Unisa


Pierluigi Matera is a corporate law scholar and an attorney with a vast experience in both U.S. and European company law. He writes and teaches in the areas of comparative law, sports law, and corporate law—in particular M&A, corporate litigation, and history of business corporations.

Prof. Matera has published extensively in both peer-reviewed and student-edited journals, including the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law and the Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law.

Matera is Professor of Comparative Law and of U.S. Corporate Law at Rome-LCU, where he also served as the Head of the Law School from 2014 to 2017. He is also Professor of Law and Economics – Business and Corporate Law at Rome-LUISS, and a visiting fellow and long-life member at Wolfson College, Cambridge. Since 2010 he has been executive director of IDEMS (Centre of Research for Sports Law and Management).

He holds a PhD in Comparative and Civil law. He is also a board member of the Arbitration Chamber of the Rome Bar Association and is serving as a member of the Sports Law Committee of the same Bar.

Since March 2022, he is the President of the Safeguarding Officer of the Italian Gymnastics Federation. He also served as the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI).


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  • Pierluigi Matera, Delaware's Dominance, Wyoming's Dare: New Challenge, Same Outcome? 27 Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law (2022)
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