Jurisprudence is the theory or philosophy of law.

James E. Fleming

James E. Fleming writes in constitutional law and constitutional theory and is the author or co-author of five scholarly books:   Constructing Basic Liberties: A Defense of Substantive Due Process (University of Chicago Press, 2022), is Fleming’s latest book. From reproductive rights to marriage for same-sex couples, many of our basic liberties owe their protection to […]

Wendy J. Gordon

Wendy J. Gordon has taught at Boston University since 1993, having taught at Rutgers, Georgetown, University of Michigan and other schools before arriving here. Her scholarship utilizes economics as well as ethics and analytic philosophy to understand copyright, trademark, and related forms of intellectual property. She is probably best known for her analyses of copyright’s “fair […]

Pnina Lahav

During the course of her legal career, Pnina Lahav has published nearly 50 journal articles and three books, including the critically acclaimed Judgment in Jerusalem: Chief Justice Simon Agranat and the Zionist Century. Winner of Israel’s Seltner Award (1998) and the Gratz College Centennial Book Award (1998), she is presently completing a biography of Israel’s fourth […]

Gary S. Lawson

Gary Lawson came to Boston University in January 2000; he was named the Philip S. Beck Professor of Law in 2012. He has authored eight editions of a textbook on administrative law and has co-authored a textbook on constitutional law. He has authored or co-authored nearly one hundred scholarly articles and five university pressbooks on […]

Jessica Silbey

Jessica Silbey teaches and writes in the areas of intellectual property, constitutional law, and law and the humanities. In addition to a law degree, she has a PhD in comparative literature and draws on her studies of literature and film to better account for law’s force, both its effectiveness and failing as socio-political regulation. In […]

Robert D. Sloane

After receiving his JD in 2000, Professor Robert D. Sloane worked for the International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet (now known as Tibet Justice Center) under the auspices of Yale Law School’s Robert L. Bernstein Fellowship in International Human Rights. He led fact-finding missions to Nepal, India, and Tibet; wrote submissions for the UN Commission […]

Robert L. Tsai

Robert L. Tsai is a professor of law at Boston University School of Law, where he teaches courses in constitutional law, presidential leadership, and individual rights. He is keenly interested in political culture, legal change, democratic design, inequality, and popular sovereignty. Professor Tsai is the author of three books: Practical Equality: Forging Justice in a […]