Welcome Message from LLM Professional Development

On behalf of the LLM Professional Development staff, welcome to Boston University School of Law! We are committed to your professional success, and are pleased to introduce you to the broad range of career-related services and support you can expect to receive as a graduate law student.

At BU Law, we  are dedicated to providing individualized support to each and every LLM student, delivering advice and guidance based on each student’s professional background and career goals. We understand that people enroll in our LLM programs with a myriad of career goals. While some students hope to  immediately leverage their LLM to find employment in their home countries, others seek to spend their period of Optional Practical Training to pursue short-term opportunities in the US. No matter where you want your LLM to take you, we are here to help.

From the moment you are accepted into one of our programs, you will receive emails with details on how to apply for a US bar exam, instructions on how to begin crafting a US-style resume, contact information for our professional development staff, and more. This access to career advice continues long after you graduate.