Services for Alumni

After you graduate, the Office of Graduate and International Programs is available to assist you with your bar and career-related matters.  Whether you’re staying in the US, headed back home, starting a new career, or returning to a previous job, please stay connected with us.  We want to help you and celebrate your success. 

How can you enhance your network and learn about job opportunities after you graduate?

  • Keep in touch with us: Tell us where you are working and don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile.
  • Learn how to get a job after graduation: Read our LLM Alumni Job Search Handbook
  • Increase your network: Join the BU alumni online community to get access to the entire BU alumni database, and join the BU LLM Alumni LinkedIn group and keep in touch with your fellow graduates.  As former LLMs have told you, fellow LLMs can be the best career resource!  Not sure how to network or set up informational interviews? We have a dedicated LLM Networking and LinkedIn Handbook that provides step-by-step guidance.
  • Check out CareerHub, our BU Law jobs website which replaced BU Law Symplicity. To access CareerHub for the first time, simply click the “Sign up for an account” link here.  You can activate your CareerHub account at any point, even after you graduate. Once you are logged in, you can fill in your profile and get started with the Job Listings tab from your homepage to see opportunities that are open to LLMs.
  • Use your BU email: You won’t lose access, even after you graduate!

Questions about New York bar admission?

  • A step-by-step guide to everything you need to know in order to apply for admission to the New York bar can be found in the LLM New York Bar Handbook.

Questions about Massachusetts bar admission?

  • To learn more about the process of becoming a Special Visiting Student and Massachusetts bar eligibility after graduation from the LLM program, including how to find course schedules and register for courses, please read our Special Visiting Student for the MA Bar Info Sheet.
  • If you have already graduated from your LLM program and wish to register for a BU Law class on a non-degree basis in order to qualify for the Massachusetts bar you must apply to the School of Law to become a Special Visiting Student by emailing the Office of Graduate Admissions. Applications must be submitted three months in advance of a semester start date.
  • Note: Constitutional Law, a 2-credit course specifically designed for LLMs, is required for all foreign-trained Massachusetts bar applicants, including those who wish to transfer their UBE score to Massachusetts. This course is only held during the spring semester and is a day class.

Disappointed by a bar exam result?

Help is at hand!

  • The Boston Bar Association offers Bar Exam Coaching. This resource provides structure around time management, study skills and stress management.
  • BarBri, Themis and Kaplan all provide for a free class for those who completed their course preparation but were not successful on the exam. Each program has its own rules on the qualifications to take the preparation course again for free.
  • Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers provides support groups that bar takers can join for on-going support. More information is available here.