For Employers

BU LLM students come from over 38 countries and have diverse backgrounds in a wide variety of areas, including law, finance and business.  With their law firm and in-house legal experience, knowledge of multiple educational and legal systems and unique international viewpoints, the exceptional international lawyers and law students studying at BU Law can help you grow your business and better serve your clients.

Global Practice, Diverse Lawyers

Today’s legal environment is increasingly global, with more and more employers recognizing the value of overseas training and experience.  An international attorney with an LLM degree from BU Law can be a key asset to both domestic and international organizations.  International LLMs have practical experience, business development networks and language skills (fluent English in addition to foreign languages), as well as high-level legal skills that have been honed in multiple jurisdictions.  Their diverse backgrounds also help them connect to a client base that increasingly demands a diverse workforce.

What is an LLM?

For an international student, an LLM degree programs requires a first degree in law and is typically a one-year course of full-time study. Depending on the country of origin, LLM students typically have between 3 and 5 years of legal study before enrolling in the program. In addition, because a US LLM is often taken after a lawyer has already been working in their home jurisdiction, LLM students often combine this extensive legal training with work experience, making them ready for practice in an international organization faster than a domestic law graduate.

Can International LLMs Work in the US?

Every international student’s visa situation is unique, but international LLMs generally have the ability to work in the US for at least one year after graduation (and some have the ability to work in the US permanently).  The most common post-graduate work visa for BU LLM students is Optional Practical Training (OPT), which enables students to work part- or full-time, in volunteer and/or paid positions. OPT is completely handled and paid for by the international student, at no cost to the employer. The student – not the employer – files the OPT application and handles all paperwork and fees.  Most LLMs can begin work after they graduate, usually in May, but a small number of our LLMs have a visa status that allows them to work while they are studying.

Can LLMs Join a US bar?

The vast majority of BU LLMs are eligible to sit for a US bar exam, and most aim for the New York bar.  A growing number of US states welcome LLM applicants, and some are able to join multiple bars through the uniform bar exam (UBE).  Many BU LLMs are also members of the bar in their home country.

How Can BU Law Help You Find the Right LLM?

BU Law has many years of experience of working closely with employers to help them develop the LLM internship, fellowship and/or position that is the best fit for their business needs.  We offer as much – or as little – assistance as needed, including helping to set up the parameters of the job responsibilities, candidate criteria and application requirements; communicating the job and application process to our students; compiling applications; selecting top applicants; and interviewing applicants.