What to expect during your first year of law school.

During your first year, you’ll be placed into one of three first-year sections. Students in each section take all their classes together. You will also take at least one of the courses listed below in an even smaller group of about 40 students. We find this creates a close-knit community for first-year students both inside and outside the classroom.

Required Courses

  • Administrative Law
    Examines the nature and functions of federal administrative agencies and the legal controls on agency action.
  • Civil Procedure
    Examines the structure and function of civil procedure and the requirements of due process of law
  • Constitutional Law
    Analyzes selected issues concerning judicial review, federalism, separation of powers and individual rights
  • Contracts
    Examines equitable legal remedies for enforcing contracts, determining what promises are enforceable and analyzing elements of assent
  • Criminal Law
    Explores the basic principles of substantive criminal law, including the justifications for punishment, the essential elements of offenses, mitigating and exculpating defenses and various forms of criminal liability
  • Lawyering Lab
    Provides an intensive introduction to lawyering skills, including contract drafting, client counseling and negotiation
  • Property Law
    Undertakes a conceptual analysis of basic property law
  • Torts
    Evaluates the principles of civil recovery for injury, including strict liability, negligence and the intentional torts, with emphasis on the social, economic and moral underpinnings of the doctrines
  • Research & Writing Seminar and Moot Court