Immerse yourself in the culture of another country.

Study abroad immerses you in the laws and culture of another country as you study a range of international and comparative law topics. Maybe you’ll gain an appreciation of a specific region’s laws. Or study the international aspects of areas such as intellectual property, commercial law, or human rights.

The choice is yours.

Our BU Law study abroad program offers 20 foreign study opportunities with universities in Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East. Most are single-semester study abroad programs offered in English, but several of these programs are taught in the country’s native language. Others are full-year dual degree programs. All build in-demand, cross cultural skills, and competencies that will empower your career as a 21st-century legal professional.

Single-semester programs in English

In these programs, you can study abroad for a semester at an international university, where courses are offered in English. In some programs, you can opt to return for a second semester to earn an LLM degree.

Single-semester programs in foreign languages

If you are fluent in Spanish, Italian, or French, you may want to consider one of these study abroad programs taught in the country’s native language.

Dual degree programs with international universities

These programs, which are taught in English, allow you to earn a JD degree from BU Law as well as an LLM degree from an international institution.