How to Apply

    Application Requirements

    To apply for admission to the JD program, you must:

    • Have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, or be enrolled in a course of study that will result in the award of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university before you commence study at BU Law
    • Have taken the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) within the past five years
    • Register with the Law School Admission Council Credential Assembly Service (CAS)

    Please note that BU Law only accepts applications that have been submitted online via the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). LSAC will then send the electronic version to us.

    Throughout the admissions process, please let us know if you have any updates to your application, such as a change of address or phone number. It is critical to keep all of your contact information up-to-date. We do not interview candidates for our JD program, but any and all applicants may schedule a telephone appointment with an admissions counselor. These are non-evaluative meetings for you to gather information and ask questions in an informal setting. To schedule an appointment, email

    Application Checklist

    We aim to provide a simple, straightforward process for applying to our JD program. Below is a list of the elements of a complete application. Make sure to note important dates and deadlines in order to stay on track throughout the process. Students applying to transfer from another law school should reference these additional instructions for transfer applicants.

    Application Fee: An $85 non-refundable application fee is required of applicants. You may pay by credit card when applying electronically, or if you prefer, you may send a check or money order to the BU Law Admissions Office, payable to Boston University. You can find information on fee waivers here.

    LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS): Register with the Law School Admission Council’s (LSAC) Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Applications to the JD program must be submitted through LSAC.

    Transcripts: Submit your transcripts through LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service.

    Standardized Tests: Test scores are required from either the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

    Letters of Recommendation: Submit at least two letters of recommendation through the LSAC Letter of Recommendation Service.

    Personal Statement: Submit a personal statement as part of your application.

    Optional Essay: You may wish to include an optional essay.

    Résumé: Submit a current résumé.

    Additional Documents: Prepare any additional documents, including addenda or optional scholarship essays for the Public Interest Scholars Program or the ASPIRE Scholars Program.

    Start Your Application

    By electronically transmitting your application, you certify that the information provided is complete and accurate, and that you will notify the admissions committee of additional information or changes arising at any time prior to your matriculation at the School of Law (whether or not the committee has already acted on your application). Any false, misleading, or incomplete statements may result in denial of admission, rescinding of the offer of admission, disciplinary action by the School of Law (including dismissal), or revocation of any School of Law degrees.