Earn two degrees in less time and at lower cost.

The study of law is increasingly informed by an understanding of other disciplines. Coupling a law degree with other postgraduate studies is more valuable than ever. Choose from our 17 different dual degree programs. Most can be completed in six or seven semesters.

Programs within Boston University

The passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act in response to the financial crisis of 2008 created a need for lawyers who understand the intricacies of this legislation, along with the fundamentals of banking and financial law. Gain this expertise by earning a JD/LLM in Banking & Financial Law in six or seven semesters by taking qualifying courses during your second and third years in the JD program. Then plan to join the 2,000 alumni who have graduated from BU Law’s Banking & Financial Law program since 1985 and have attained leadership positions in both domestic and foreign banking and financial services industries. Learn more.

If you’re planning a career in tax law, the JD/LLM in Taxation is practically a prerequisite for the profession. Why not earn it in six or seven semesters from a tax law program consistently ranked among the top ten in the country by U.S. News & World Report? At BU Law, you will learn from a broad curriculum that balances tax law theory with practical application, while having opportunities to specialize in a particular area, such as business organizations and transactions, estate planning and wealth management, or international tax. Learn more.

Whether you plan to teach, practice law, or write for a living, you must be able to take a careful, critical approach to textual analysis and demonstrate strong writing skills. In the JD/MA in English program, offered jointly by BU’s School of Law and Graduate Program in English & American Literature, you will explore the common ground between law and literature, legal and literacy theory, rhetoric, and the role of law in literature. You will also learn textual analysis and interpretative techniques, which are important skills for an attorney to possess. Learn more.

Trying to decide between practicing and teaching law? With a JD/MA in History, offered jointly by BU’s School of Law and Department of History, you will improve your chances of securing a faculty appointment at a law school, particularly in the field of legal history. Even if you don’t pursue an academic career, you will take an array of courses across law and history that will enhance your analytical and writing skills, which you will need to be an effective attorney. Plus you can complete both degrees in only six semesters. Learn more.

In the study and practice of law, you will weigh in on philosophical and ethical issues. Our JD/MA in Philosophy, offered jointly by the School of Law and Department of Philosophy, will train you to analyze legal issues through rational analysis and theory development. You will also strengthen your writing skills through your coursework in both fields over six semesters and by completing a master’s thesis. Learn more.

If you want to work for a national government or international agency, practice law for a global human rights organization, or embark on an international law career, pursue a JD/MA in International Relations. You will complete your legal coursework in the law school and international relations courses in the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies. At the end of this seven-semester program, you will have a solid understanding of international law complemented by a focus in a particular geographic region or field of practice. Learn more.

Intrigued by the legal challenges of historic preservation and the stewardship of cultural resources? Immerse yourself in our JD/MA program in Preservation Studies. Offered jointly with the College of Arts & Sciences, this seven-semester dual degree program blends academic training in law and preservation courses with hands-on experience—including a three-month paid summer internship—to give you a well-rounded experience in this interdisciplinary field. Coursework covers historic preservation law, land use and real estate finance, and preservation management. Learn more.

Fast track your professional career by earning your JD and MBA in just three years from BU’s highly regarded School of Law and Questrom School of Business. With these two professional credentials, you will be well positioned for many career opportunities, whether you plan to practice law in a corporate setting, manage a company or nonprofit, pursue a career in investment banking or financial services, or work for the IRS, SEC, or another government regulatory agency. Whether you practice in a public or private setting, your clients will expect you to understand the fundamentals of business and finance. Learn more.

Earning a law degree and a master’s degree in public health will prepare you for a range of careers at the intersection of legal and health policy in government, private law practices, universities, hospitals, insurers, biotechnology companies, and non-profit organizations. In just seven semesters, you can earn your JD from a law school with a health law program ranked in the Top 10 by U.S. News & World Report and your MPH from BU’s School of Public Health, which has some of the most renowned public health faculty in the world. Learn more.

The growth of new communications technologies has created a need for lawyers with special training in the technological, marketing, and legal changes brought about by a wide spectrum of new media. The seven-semester JD/MS in Mass Communication is a unique program that trains you for employment opportunities that include in-house counsel positions for communications technologies companies, service with government agencies concerned with communications law, and positions with private law firms having a communications law practice. The program also provides a solid grounding for future journalists who wish to report on legal affairs. Learn more.

The worlds of law and business have become increasingly interdependent and complex. By earning a JD/MBA, you will make yourself marketable to companies and firms that need attorneys who understand the legal and management issues of the business world. This dual degree combines the strengths of BU’s Questrom School of Business, where you will learn results-oriented decision-making, and the School of Law, which provides you with the legal and analytical tools needed to understand how law affects management decisions. Learn more.

Our JD/MD dual degree is an intensive six-year program offered jointly by BU’s prestigious Schools of Law and Medicine. By earning these two impressive credentials, you can pursue a career in the legal profession, medical practice, or both. Your career path may include working in health care administration, on a wide array of health law issues including legislation and programs to end health disparities, on intellectual property issues related to medical research and technologies, or in areas such as medical licensing. Learn more.

Programs with international universities

Earn a BU Law JD degree and an LLM degree from one of world’s top 25 universities, according to Times Higher Education. In the JD/LLM in Asian Legal Studies Program with the National University of Singapore, you will spend your third year immersed in the laws, legal systems, institutions, and legal traditions of South, Southeast, and East Asia. If you want to practice law in Asian markets, this dual degree will introduce you to country-specific and regional approaches to corporate and securities law, competition law, human rights, and a broad range of other important fields. Learn more.

Gain a comprehensive introduction to the Chinese legal system and the practice of law in China in this JD/LLM in Chinese Law program, offered jointly with Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. If you represent clients with a presence in China, understanding how Chinese law interacts with the country’s rich culture, dynamic economic growth, and complex social transition will be a valuable skill. To complete your dual degree in seven semesters, you will spend one fall semester at Tsinghua while enrolled at BU Law and then return for a semester after graduation to complete your LLM degree. All courses are taught in English. Learn more.

Master the essential aspects of European Union Law by spending your third year of law school in Paris, at Université Panthéon Assas (Paris II), one of the world’s most renowned institutions. In this JD/LLM in European Law program, you will join a small group of international lawyers in an intense seminar-based study of the European Union’s legal framework, including in the key areas of competition law, labor law, consumer law, intellectual property, and human rights. Learn more.

Learn the economic, transactional, and regulatory aspects of the global financial service industry as you pursue during your third year an LLM in Finance at the Institute for Law & Finance in Frankfurt, Germany. Build your resume and professional network with valuable work experience through a six- to eight-week internship at leading international law firms and financial institutions in Europe. Armed with a JD/LLM in Finance, you will be well positioned for career opportunities in international business, banking law, and financial services. Learn more.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the rules governing international business and the European Union as you obtain an LLM in International & European Business from ICADE, one of Europe’s top universities for business law studies. You will spend your 3L year in Madrid, studying the institutional framework for EU business regulation, plus a range of specialized topics in European trade law, tax law, corporate law, commercial arbitration, and intellectual property. Learn more.