Partner School: Pardee School of Global Studies

Program Length: 7 semesters

For students who want to work for a national government or international agency, practice law for a global human rights organization, or embark on an international law career, this program provides a solid understanding of international law complemented by a focus in a particular geographic region or field of practice. The first year is devoted entirely to the JD; the second and third years are divided between the two degrees; the final term consists of finishing the MA program at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies.

Program Requirements

Required Law School Courses (13 credits)

Required Pardee School Courses (24 credits)

  • At least one course in three of the four core areas:
    • Theory & Policy
    • Political Economy
    • Security Studies
    • Regional Studies
  • 3 courses from the graduate-level course offerings at the Pardee School

Additional Requirements

Statistics Requirement

  • Presentation of documentation of having passed an undergraduate course in statistics OR
  • Passing one of the following courses:
    • Elementary Statistics : CAS MA 113
    • Research Methods for International Relations Practitioners: GRS IR 702
    • Statistical Methods 2: GRS MA 614
    • Statistics I: CAS MA 115

Foreign Language Requirement

  • Taking a written exam involving translation from a foreign language into English, which is administered and evaluated by the Pardee School OR
  • Passing any of five Graduate Reading Knowledge courses offered at BU:
    • Reading French for Graduate Students: GRS LF 621
    • Reading German for Graduate Students: GRS LG 621
    • Reading Italian for Graduate Students: GRS LI 621
    • Reading Portuguese: GRS LP 621
    • Reading Spanish for Graduate Students: GRS LS 621

Master’s Research or Policy Paper

A master’s research or policy paper prepared with a Pardee faculty advisor or, with prior approval by the Director of Graduate Studies at Pardee, a School of Law faculty advisor, to be defended at an oral exam organized by the Pardee School. All other requirements of the degree must be met prior to oral defense of the MA Paper. Exception: Students may be in their last semester of coursework at the time of the defense.

Admissions Requirements

Students must complete both the required School of Law application and an application to the Pardee School. It is in students’ best interest to explain in the personal statement or in a separate statement their reasons for pursuing a dual degree. Please note—admissions decisions for the JD and MA programs are made separately.

First-year JD students also can apply to the master’s program during the first year of law school. If you apply first year, the application deadline is May 1. Students must apply directly to the Pardee School, more information on the application process can be found on their website.

Contact Information

Gerry Muir, Associate Dean for Academic Engagement
Boston University School of Law

Holly Emery
Pardee School of Global Studies