Banking & Financial Law

Qualified students with a strong interest in both law and financial services may apply for the accelerated LLM in Banking & Financial Law at BU Law. The program offers students the time and cost advantages of obtaining both a JD degree and an LLM degree in seven semesters rather than eight. By taking qualifying courses during the second and third years of the JD program, a student may graduate from the JD program with sufficient advanced standing to complete the LLM in Banking & Financial Law in just one additional semester.

For further information, please contact the Graduate Program in Banking & Financial Law at 617-353-3023 or and/or visit the program’s office in Suite 804.


To be accepted to the seven-semester program, a student completes three prerequisite courses, including:

Only one of these prerequisite courses, Financial Regulation, earns credits toward the LLM degree.

Required Credit Hours

The number of credit hours required for the degree is 24 the same number as the full-year LLM degree. JD courses carry their JD credit hours in the JD program and two credit hours each in the accelerated program. LLM courses carry two credit hours each in both programs. A JD student may take a maximum of six LLM courses during the JD program (including Financial Regulation) and these courses will carry over to fulfill the 24 credit LLM requirement. Thereafter, the student must take at least six LLM courses in the seventh semester to obtain the LLM degree. A student may substitute JD courses and seminars with his/her LLM advisor’s permission.

Qualifying Courses

In addition to the prerequisite courses, a JD student in the accelerated program must earn 12 LLM credit hours from the specified list of JD and LLM courses prior to the grant of his or her JD degree. The Financial Regulation prerequisite counts toward these 12 LLM credit hours.

JD Courses and Seminars Qualifying for Seven-Semester Program Credit

Note: This list is subject to change according to course availability.

Completion of the Program

Students are expected to complete the program in the semester immediately following graduation from the JD program and are required to complete it in no more than three semesters after obtaining the JD degree. Appropriate JD courses and seminars may be substituted for LLM courses with the permission of the Director of the Banking and Financial Law LLM program and the instructor.

Admissions Requirements

A student may apply for admission to the Accelerated JD/LLM Program in Banking & Financial Law at any time during his or her second and third year. Upon preliminary acceptance, the student will be assigned an LLM advisor. Courses to be credited to the LLM degree should be chosen by the student in consultation with the student’s advisor.

Final admission to the program requires that at the time of graduation from the JD program the student will have completed all courses to be credited toward the LLM degree with a cumulative grade of 2.7 or higher.

Application Process

To be considered for the seven-semester program, the student must submit the following:

1.  Application form – contact us at for the link to the application form.
2.  Resume
3.  Personal Statement
4.  One letter of recommendation from a law school professor.
5.  Copy of law school transcript – request from LAW registrar’s office.