Leiden University, The Netherlands

Semester Options: Fall or Spring

Language: English

Leiden University in The Netherlands is one of Europe’s most highly acclaimed international universities, with a world-renowned reputation in comparative and international law subjects. BU Law students pursue such topics as public international law, legal history, canon law, and East European law. The school’s close proximity to The Hague and War Crimes Tribunal allows students to observe proceedings at some of the world’s most venerable international legal institutions. Leiden also serves as a center for international studies and is one of the most attractive destinations for European ERASMUS students.  The city of Leiden’s rich historical tradition and active international student population also make it an ideal setting to study international topics.

To earn 12 credits, students enroll in four classes from the school’s expansive offerings in international and comparative law. All courses are taught in English. No more than four students from BU Law may participate each academic year.

Please note that due to complications with the US Department of Education, Leiden is unable to honor US government financial aid at this time.  As a result, any student receiving federal student loans should seek an alternative program.