Harris Manchester College, Oxford University, England

Semester Option: Spring

Language: English

The program with Harris Manchester College, Oxford University, gives BU Law students the opportunity to study international and comparative law at one of the world’s great academic institutions. The distinguishing feature of this program relates to how students learn the law: Oxford uses a tutorial rather than a lecture system, which means that students’ “classroom” experiences will take place in one-on-one settings with an Oxford tutor.

Students are assigned weekly readings and prepare weekly papers for tutorial discussions. Each BU Law student takes: 1) A special two-week introductory course, An Introduction to the British Legal System and British Government; 2) Two tutorials, in such areas as public international law, jurisprudence, international intellectual property, comparative contract law and British administrative law; and 3) A minimum of two lectures in international/comparative law.

The program runs during Oxford’s “Hilary Term,” which begins in January and ends in late March. BU Law selects up to six students to participate.