American Law Program Course Offerings

All students are expected to have read—and be familiar withthe program’s academic regulations and policies.

All LLM in American Law Program students must take:

  1. The introductory course, “An Introduction to American Law,” for two credit hours, offered on a pass/fail basis in the fall term. (Students may petition the Director to be waived from the introductory class. Permission will be given only if, in the judgment of the Director, the student has a solid understanding of the American legal system and significant prior coursework in the field. The student must petition the Director with a waiver request prior to the end of the first week of the fall term. The student shall attend the introductory course pending the decision.)
  2. The LLM Legal Research and Writing Seminar, for two credit hours in the fall.  Students register for the course- not a particular section.  Students are assigned their class section after orientation for a time slot that doesn’t conflict with their other classes.
  3. Participation in Fall Professional Skills Lab and Spring LLM Colloquium- All students must participate in a Spring LLM colloquium in order to graduate. The Colloquium consists of a series of faculty and special guest talks for which you write brief reaction papers.  In October, we are introducing a special Professional Skills Lab which is a dynamic, one-and-a-half-day interactive program focusing on  developing core professional competencies, practical skills and long-term career management tools  Participation in the Professional Skills Lab satisfies the  colloquium requirement.

Beyond these requirements, students may complete their 24 credits through first-year and upper-class JD classes, with the following exceptions:

  • Students are not permitted to take courses or seminars offered in the criminal or civil clinics or participate in externships for credit. (Such courses are designated with the notation (c) in the JD course listings.)
  • Students shall not receive credit towards their 24-credit-hour degree requirement for certain courses or seminars that focus exclusively on foreign or comparative law, unless the student receives the Director’s permission.
  • Students interested in taking a transactional contract drafting class can enroll in the LLM course “Transactional Contract Drafting.” They are not eligible to take the JD version of that class (called “Contract Drafting”)

Students may enroll in classes offered through the school’s Graduate Program in Banking & Financial Law and Graduate Tax Program. They may also earn credits for graduate-level courses taken at Boston University outside the School of Law. Credit toward the American Law degree for non-law school classes shall be limited to three credits per course and to one course per semester, unless otherwise permitted by the Director, and to a maximum of six credits for the entire year; and, in all instances, to courses that further the educational objectives of the program. Students seeking to obtain such credit shall petition the Director, who shall determine whether the proposed class furthers the program’s educational objectives.

LLM in American Law students also have the option of taking any of the the classes that are offered on an LLM-only basis.  A comprehensive list of those is linked to here.


Non-Law Course Descriptions and Schedules

Registration in non-law courses is a multi-step process for American Law students.  First, you need to gain approval for your registration from the Assistant Dean. Assuming you gain this approval, you need to follow the registration steps listed below. Once you have registered for a graduate course, you must complete an add/drop form in the LAW Registrar’s Office in order to add the class to your law transcript. This office is located on the 5th floor of the law complex, on the tower side, and the form is located in the office. Graduate courses and the grade will appear on your transcript, however the grade is not factored into your law gpa. Be advised that the number of credits that may be awarded for a graduate course is dependent on the number of contact hours over the course of the semester. The ABA requires 700 minutes per credit, therefore you may receive fewer law credits for the class than the University awards. Tuition charges are based on the credits awarded at the University level. Students who exceed 18 credits in a semester will be responsible for the additional tuition charges.

Questrom School of Business (Questrom)

Students who would like to enroll in management courses should go to the Graduate Programs Office at the Questrom School of Business, 595 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 104. The most recent schedule is available on the Student Link. Course descriptions are also available on the website. Non-degree candidates may register two weeks before the start of classes. For more information on business and management courses you may call (617) 353-2673.

School of Public Health (SPH)

To enroll in SPH courses, students may file an SPH registration form in the Law Registrar’s Office or stop by the SPH Registrar’s Office at 715 Albany Street, Talbot Building, Room 210. The most recent SPH schedule is available on the Student Link and course descriptions are available on the SPH website. For more information on SPH courses you may call (617) 638- 4640.

Physical Education

To register for a Physical Education (PDP) class, complete a PDP add form (also available in the Graduate & International Programs Office), get the course instructor to sign it, and submit it to the University Registrar’s Office at 881 Commonwealth Avenue. You may not take a physical education course for LAW credit. Copies of the most recent PDP schedule are available through the Student Link. Information is also available on the University’s website.

College of Communication (COM)

To enroll in communications courses, students should go to the appropriate department at the College of Communication, 640 Commonwealth Avenue (e.g., see the Mass Communication department for courses in Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations.) Copies of the most recent COM schedule are available solely via the Student Link. Course descriptions are available on the University website. For more information you may also call (617) 353-3450.

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS)

Students who would like to register for graduate-level CAS or GRS courses may pick up a registration form at the Law Registrar’s Office. Schedule information is available via the Student Link. Students who would like to register for Preservation Studies, International Relations, or Philosophy courses must obtain signed approval from the appropriate department and may submit the signed registration form to the Law Registrar’s Office.