American Law Program Concentrations

As a student in the American Law Program, you are eligible to pursue a concentration in Intellectual Property & Information, International Business Practice, or Tax.

What is a Concentration?

A concentration is a directed program of study in a particular field of law. (In some countries, these are called “specializations.”) Many American law schools, including BU Law, offer “concentrations” to their JD students. BU Law is among the first to offer this opportunity to foreign LLM’s—in three of the most important fields of global legal work: Intellectual Property & Information, International Business Practice, and Tax. BU Law’s concentrations require successfully completing at least four courses in the area of concentration. Pursuing a concentration does not change the LLM in American Law Program’s degree requirements, and does not change the application to the American Law Program. The specific courses which fulfill a concentration’s requirements will be made available when the upcoming academic year’s course offerings are published, usually in late April.

Why Pursue a Concentration?

Concentrations are entirely optional. You can decide to concentrate before or after you arrive and choose your courses. Reasons to consider a concentration include:

Focused, Specialized Learning

A concentration gives you the option to pursue the same kind of focused coursework as in a specialized LLM program, such as an LLM in Intellectual Property & Information or LLM in Corporate Law. The courses which satisfy a concentration’s requirements have been carefully selected to provide exposure to a full range of International Business Practice, Intellectual Property & Information, or Tax issues. This gives assurance that your studies consist of the most relevant and useful courses. A concentration can also demonstrate to employers—either in the US or overseas—your commitment to a particular area of law.

Flexibility to Use Certificate as Best Suits You

If you pursue a concentration, you will receive a separate concentration certificate from BU Law in addition to your LLM diploma. While your degree remains an LLM in American Law degree, you may choose to present your concentration certificate to employers, depending on the particular position you are pursuing.

If you would like to learn more about the concentrations, follow this link.