ALP Current Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

To receive the degree of LLM in American Law, all candidates must satisfy the following requirements:

a) Complete and achieve a passing grade in all required courses. Satisfactory completion of a course requires a minimum grade of C.

b) Complete not less than 24 credit hours in two semesters of residence, with at least 10, and no more than 18, credit hours in each semester. Unless the director of the graduate &¬†international programs office (the “Director”) grants a waiver in a particular case, each student must complete all requirements in the same academic year that he/she begins the LLM in American Law program (the “Program”). Except as otherwise permitted by the Director, all courses for which a student has registered, including any additional courses beyond the 24-credit minimum, must be completed unless dropped as provided in these regulations.

c) Obtain a final weighted cumulative average of at least C+ (2.3) for all courses (including seminars) taken.

d) Receive not more than one grade of C- (1.7) or D (1.0) in elective classes.

e) Participation in Fall Professional Skills Lab and Spring LLM Colloquium- All students must participate in a Spring LLM colloquium in order to graduate. The Colloquium consists of a series of faculty and special guest talks for which you write brief reaction papers. In October, we are introducing a special Professional Skills Lab which is a dynamic, one-and-a-half-day interactive program focusing on developing core professional competencies, practical skills and long-term career management tools.  Participation in the Professional Skills Lab satisfies the colloquium requirement.