ALP Current Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

To receive the degree of LLM in American Law, all candidates must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Credit Requirements

Complete a minimum of 24 credit hours in two semesters of residence, with at least 10, and no more than 18, credit hours in each semester. Except as otherwise permitted by the Program Director, all courses for which a student has registered, including any additional courses beyond the 24-credit minimum, must be completed unless dropped as provided in these regulations.

  1. Courses

Introduction to American Law (2 credits); Legal Research and Writing (2 credits) and participation in the Professional Skills Lab (or equivalent substitute as approved by the Program Director upon a showing of compelling circumstances warranting excused absence from the Professional Skills Lab)

  1. Grade Requirements
  1. Obtain a final weighted cumulative average of at least C+ (2.3) for all courses (including seminars) taken.
  2. Receive not more than one grade of C- (1.7), D (1.0) or F (0) in elective classes.
  3. Receive a cumulative grade point average of 2.3. 
  1. Timing Requirements
Except for those students enrolled in the 2 Year LLM Program, all students must complete the Program’s degree requirements in the same academic year that he or she begins the Program, unless the Program Director grants a waiver in a particular case upon a student’s petition. Waivers shall be granted only for compelling academic reasons and, in all instances, only as allowed by Boston University’s International Students and Scholars Office in accordance with applicable visa rules and regulations. Courses taken more than five years after the conclusion of the student’s first semester in the program are not counted toward the degree. Leaves of absence do not extend the five-year limit.