Arrival and On-Boarding

Whether your scholar will be here for two months or two years, the ISSO is here to help.  All new scholars and employees need to check-in with the ISSO for clearance to begin their employment/activity at BU.  Please see the ISSO appointment scheduling and services to find more details and initiate the ISSO check-in and clearance process.

  • For all new J-1 Scholars/Employees: Arriving J-1 scholars/employees must register to attend the mandatory New J-1 Orientation and Check-in program. This virtual program is offered regularly and should be scheduled upon arrival to the US and within 30 days of the program start date noted on their Form DS-2019.  Instructions about required paperwork and details will be provided upon registration.  The J-1 regulations require that new J-1s attend and that Boston University then report the J-1 scholar’s arrival in valid status to the U.S. Department of State, to ‘validate’ their arrival and confirm the start of their participation in the BU J program. Arriving J-1 employees will also need to schedule an in-person appointment to complete their I-9 employment verification (see below).
  • New Employees (BU salary):  All new BU employees need to schedule an in-person New Employee I-9 Verification appointment with the ISSO before their 3rd day of employment. Given that this service cannot be provided virtually, the ISSO offers appointment options at both the ISSO and on the medical campus.

To find out when your new scholar should check-in with us, please see our appointment scheduling and services or contact your Scholar Advisor for more information.

Once your new scholar/employee completes the required ISSO clearance and check-in, we will send you an e-mail to confirm within a two – three business days.