Request for Immigration Processing – Department Checklist

Please review department and scholar checklist for the immigration sponsorship classification you are requesting.  When completing the forms, please note the following:

  1. Enter scholar’s name exactly as it appears in their passport.
  2. Answer every question.
  3. Obtain appropriate signature on Form A.
  4. Review before sending to insure that all required supporting documents are enclosed and legible.

In addition, please note that the scholar processing checklist is required for scholars who will be new to BU as well as those who are continuing their appointment but require either an extension or change in their current immigration status to allow their BU affiliation to continue.

Scholar Processing Checklist

Use this checklist for requests for sponsorship for both new and continuing employees and affiliates. This paperwork is required for all J-1, H-1, F-1 OPT STEM, TN and O-1 requests)

  • Form A Request for Visa Related Documents for an International Scholar

    Completed and signed by department host, chair and dean. For graded staff positions, signatures are required from principal supervisor and unit director

  • ✓ Copy of Letter of Appointment/Employment Offer Letter


  • Form B and supporting documentation from scholar (should be completed and signed by scholar)


  • ✓ Additional Documentation Based on Requested Classification:

  • J-1 Sponsorship Requests:
    •  J-1 Supplement Form (Required for all NEW sponsorship requests ONLY; not required for extension request).  Additional guidance is available here.
    • Financial Documentation: For scholars paid by BU, funding should be
      reflected on Appointment Letter. Supplemental documentation is required if the
      scholar will receive funding from source other than BU. Must meet minimum
      financial requirement for sponsorship.
    • No Patient Care Letter: (Required for all J-1 scholars who hold a medical degree): BU is designated as a J-1 Program Sponsor for teaching, research and study only. We are not designated to sponsor foreign medical graduates for programs which include clinical care of patients. Prospective scholars who hold a medical degree from a country outside of the U.S. must submit a letter from the Dean of their BU host school or college to indicate that their intent is to conduct academic research only and that they will not have responsibility for any clinical patient care. Prospective scholars or employees whose responsibilities will include clinical patient care should consult with ISSO to determine a more appropriate immigration sponsorship alternative
  • J-1 Sponsorship for ‘Student Interns’ ONLY 
  • H1B Sponsorship Requests: 
  • TN Sponsorship Requests:
  • O-1 Sponsorship Requests: