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A Conversation about Cities and Health

On Tuesday June 4th, IOC Co-Director Katharine Lusk spoke on a panel co-hosted by the Boston University School of Public Health, Initiative on Cities, AcademyHealth, and de Beaumont Foundation. Titled, “A Conversation About Cities and Health,” the panel, hosted by Sandro Galea, Dean of the School of Public Health, and moderated by Lisa Simpson, the […]

2019 Urban Research Award: Congregations in Contested Space: Gentrification and Latinx Churches in East Boston

PI: Jonathan Calvillo, PhD; Assistant Professor, Sociology of Religion, School of Theology Boston, like many U.S. cities, is currently experiencing elevated levels of gentrification adversely affecting working class people of color. The manner in which churches are affected by gentrification is particularly important as churches often provide valuable resources within working class communities of color. […]

UK Cities: Coffee and Conversation with Liverpool’s Chief of Staff

England is in the midst of a major political shift on the municipal level. The creation of metro city governments are ushering in the first wave of directly elected mayors, including Mayor Joe Anderson of Liverpool. This fundamental change in the way cities operate is reviving the importance of local government and changing the power […]