We apply policies in the real world, by working with practitioners, promoting applied learning, and examining mechanisms that enable the effective – and exceptional – delivery of basic city services. We host public and private workshops for practitioners and academics to create partnerships and find solutions to pressing urban challenges.

Ongoing Workshops

Urban Inequalities Doctoral Workshop

The Initiative on Cities is proud to host a workshop, led by Associate Professor of Sociology and Initiative on Cities Advisory Board member Japonica Brown-Saracino, that invites post graduate and Ph.D. candidates to explore the issues of urban inequality.

Past Workshops

See below for recaps of past workshops.

UK – International Metro Mayor Summit 2017

This summit, organized by the Boston University Initiative on Cities, UK Centre for Cities and Citi with the support of Arup, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the UK Foreign Office, and the University of Warwick, brought together the six newly elected English metro mayors with a select group of American mayors to participate in a meaningful knowledge exchange, sharing their insights and experience of what it means to be a mayor in an increasingly urban world.

Street of the Future

The Street of the Future workshop brought together city leaders, utilities, planners and academic researchers to identify barriers and challenges to coordinated infrastructure management in aging cities and explore emerging solutions.

Leading Immigrant Inclusion in Urban America

Leading Immigrant Inclusion in Urban America brought together city officials from across the U.S. who are on the front lines of building more inclusive, welcoming communities to learn, share ideas and work through barriers that have stymied success. Workshops examined ways in which cities can improve immigrant access to city services, foster an inclusive municipal workforce, and successfully partner with police to engender positive community policing.