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Summer Fellow Interview: Natalia Chavez

Natalia Chavez is the Communications and Outreach Director at Urbanability, a Boston-based non-profit organization that focuses on empowering underserved communities from an urban planning perspective. She recently worked at the Harvard Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation where she worked on democracy programming and the legislative negotiation project. Previously, Natalia served as a Research […]

2019 Urban Research Award: Constructing City Images through Local Media: An Intermedia Agenda-Setting Analysis of Big Media Data

PI: Lei Guo, Assistant Professor, Division of Emerging Media Studies, College of Communication Co-PI: Yiyan Zhang, PhD student; Division of Emerging Media Studies, College of Communication City marketing works as a foundation for local residents to understand and identify with municipal policies and is used to alter the perception of a city among outsiders to encourage […]

2019 Urban Research Award: The Impact of Tourism on Environmental Sound Levels in Urban and Park Environments

PI: Erica Walker, MSc, ScD; Department of Environmental Health, School of Public Health Co-PI: Richard Primack, PhD; Professor, Department of Biology Sound pollution in urban areas can cause physical and mental health problems which disproportionately affect poor and underserved communities; it can reduce the cultural vitality of outdoor areas; and it can harm wildlife. The investigators […]

2019 Urban Research Award: Congregations in Contested Space: Gentrification and Latinx Churches in East Boston

PI: Jonathan Calvillo, PhD; Assistant Professor, Sociology of Religion, School of Theology Boston, like many U.S. cities, is currently experiencing elevated levels of gentrification adversely affecting working class people of color. The manner in which churches are affected by gentrification is particularly important as churches often provide valuable resources within working class communities of color. […]

2019 Urban Research Award: Evictions and Substandard Housing in Boston: The Unfulfilled Promises of the Public Health and Legal System

PI: Wendy Heiger-Bernays, PhD; Clinical Professor of Environmental Health, School of Public Health Co-PI: Ethan Mascoop, MPH, MUA, RS; Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Environmental Health, School of Public Health Collaborator: Andrea M. Park, JD, MA; Housing and Homelessness Attorney, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI) Boston is one of the least affordable housing markets in the country. […]

2019 Urban Research Award: Community Engagement to Explore Heat Exposure for Urban-Dwelling Older Adults in Boston

PI: Leila Heidari, PhD student; Department of Environmental Health, School of Public Health Co-PI: Patrick L. Kinney, ScD; Professor, Department of Environmental Health, School of Public Health The investigators seek to understand the heat exposure-related needs and experiences of older adults living in Boston, MA, a population that is vulnerable to health effects of heat. They […]

2019 Urban Research Award: Partnering with Families with Limited English Proficiency to Promote Language Justice and Equity in Education Settings

PIs: Catalina Tang Yan, MS, PhD student; School of Social Work Co-PI: Linda Sprague Martinez, PhD; Assistant Professor, School of Social Work Youth of color whose first language is not English are the fastest growing segment of the youth population in the United States. Families with limited English proficiency are often restricted from the many opportunities […]

Reducing Disparities: Advancing Toward Racial Equity

Across the country, urban universities are embracing new roles and expanding their varied contributions to the well-being of the communities they call home. Research universities are also uniquely positioned to evaluate and understand the challenges confronting residents in their region, and support programs and evidence-based interventions to help improve outcomes and advance equity. Over the […]

2016 IOC Summer Fellows Set to Begin

We’re proud to share that this summer, we’ll be funding two IOC Summer Fellows, one in the City of Boston’s Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, and another in the City of Providence’s Mayor’s Innovation Department. Find out more about our two outstanding fellows below! Dan Lesser – City of Boston Fellow Dan Lesser, an […]