MetroBridge is an experiential learning program that embeds real-world projects for municipalities and community organizations into courses at Boston University, enlisting students and faculty as allies in addressing urban issues.

About MetroBridge

MetroBridge cultivates projects by seeking out the distinct research needs of cities, towns and community-based organizations and collaborating with faculty across the university to find the best course match for each project. We view our approach as a win-win solution as it provides tailored research support to under-resourced communities, while simultaneously providing real-world learning experiences to students from various disciplines to prepare them for their future careers. 

Partner with MetroBridge

Guided by faculty and MetroBridge staff, Boston University students perform research for local partners on topics like racial equity, sustainability, and civic engagement. Explore more topics, view project examples, and submit a proposal. (BU Faculty: see our resource page.)

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Bridge Builders Faculty Fellows Program

In partnership with the BU Center for Teaching & Learning, the Bridge Builders Faculty Fellows program is focused on advancing experiential learning at Boston University. Learn more.

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David Gross
MetroBridge Program Manager | 617-358-8084