Initiative on Cities Student Prize

The Initiative on Cities Student Prize is awarded annually to an outstanding undergraduate urban scholar. The $1,000 prize* will be presented to one BU senior, graduating with a minor in Urban Studies.

To be eligible for this award in AY 2023/24, you must be a current Boston University student graduating in May 2024 with a minor in Urban Studies.

Application Materials

  1. Current unofficial transcript with name and BUID;
  2. Resume/CV;
  3. Personal statement (max of two pages, double-spaced): provide insight on your academic development and future goals as a student of urban studies; and
  4. Contact information for one faculty reference.

The deadline to apply is Sunday, February 25, 2024. Students will be notified of award decision no later than March 29, 2024, and the successful applicant will receive the prize by Commencement. Please submit your application materials as a single PDF to IOC Executive Director, Stacy Fox, at

[*Note that Student Awards are taxable income. Recipients are responsible for reporting the amount of their Award to the IRS. International students who receive Student Awards will be taxed on the Award in accordance with their home nation’s tax treaty with the United States.]

About the Urban Studies Minor

The Minor in Urban Studies seeks young urban enthusiasts eager to broaden their horizons through exposure to multidisciplinary urban courses. From the myriad of cultures, people, and economic opportunity that exist in cities to the nuts and bolts of what makes cities sustainable and attractive places to be, this minor is a holistic look at what students need to pursue careers in 21st century urban centers.

The Minor is designed for students who are interested in applying their passions of urban topics to a curriculum that can help prepare them for careers involved in the opportunities and problems that cities present, not only in the United States but around the world. Students have the opportunity to take a wide array of courses that provide an interdisciplinary approach to understanding urban issues; varying urban perspectives are offered through social, political, economic, and environmental lenses.

For more information about the Urban Studies minor, please contact Professor Katherine Levine Einstein, Director of Undergraduate Studies, CAS Political Science.