A vector image of an older man experiencing dementia, with a caretaker by his side. The illustration is simple vector art with solid colors.

Two Technologies That Can Make Diagnosing Dementia Easier for Doctors and Patients

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Photo of a blue-gloved hand holding up a small glass container filled with three tiny mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes and Disease

Video: Inside the Insectary: How BU Scientists Study Diseases from Mosquitoes—without Getting Bitten

A hand holds a tv remote, pointed at a black tv screen
Health & Medicine

So Much News: Should You Turn it Off or Turn it Up?

Abstract-like illustration in various shades of blue, green, pink of the sun shining down on a plant. The new, green plant is shown budding from the dark blue ground as the sun's pinkish rays shine down on it.

Could Photosynthesis Blossom into Quantum Computing Technology?