The Global China Initiative (GCI) advances policy-oriented research on China’s overseas economic activity and engagement with international institutions in order to enable financial stability, human well-being and environmental sustainability.


Singapore, Singapore. Photo by Sol via Unsplash.

The BRI is an ambitious global infrastructure platform to expand connectivity, economic integration, growth and cooperation across the globe. Over the last ten years, what has been the impact of the BRI on the global economy and how has the initiative impacted host countries and China alike?

A new flagship report by Kevin P. Gallagher, William Kring, Rebecca Ray, Oyintarelado Moses, Cecilia Springer, Lin Zhu and Yan Wang evaluates the promise of China’s overseas economic activity in general, and the BRI in particular, finding that the BRI has delivered significant benefits to host countries, but has also accentuated real risks for China and host countries alike.

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