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The Journal of Globalization and Development (JGD) publishes academic research and policy analysis on globalization, development and the complex interactions between them. The journal is dedicated to stimulating a creative dialogue between theoretical advances and rigorous empirical studies to push forward the frontiers of development analysis. It also seeks to combine innovative academic insights with the in-depth knowledge of practitioners to address important policy issues. JGD encourages diverse perspectives on all aspects of development and globalization, and attempts to integrate the best development research from across different fields with contributions from scholars in developing and developed countries. Key topics of the journal span economic development, financial investments, development aid, development policies, growth models and sovereign debt.

The journal is edited by Kevin P. Gallagher, Director of the Boston University Global Development Policy Center; Jeronim Capaldo, Non-Resident Senior Research Scholar with the Global Economic Governance Initiative at the Boston University Global Development Policy Center, and Joseph E. Stiglitz, Arjun Jayadev, José Antonio Ocampo and Dani Rodrik.

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Special Issue on Climate Change and Development:

The biggest developmental challenge facing the world today is climate change and global warming. For keeping the world below the 1.50 C threshold of global warming, it is necessary to end the rising emission before 2025. COP26 provided serious push towards this goal, where more than 130 countries committed to achieve Net Zero between 2050 and 2070. As an outcome, the energy transition away from fossil fuels is inevitable. Rapid, transformative green transitions will require an unprecedented mobilization of resources and investment, particularly for countries that rely on fossil fuels as a major source of revenue. So, it is certain that the energy transition will not happen without a significant fiscal transition. Also, climate change related policies that are adopted in one country can have significant macro-critical implications in other countries. Net zero transformations, therefore, require strong global support and coordination to maintain financial stability in the carbon intensive countries. Climate change and policy responses to climate change pose significant risks to financial and fiscal stability, poverty and inequality and the long-run growth prospects of the world economy. But to date, there has been limited attention paid to the fiscal transition and spillover risks that the world is going to face in the coming decades. The special issue will focus on the various developmental aspects related to climate change.

The relevant topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fiscal impact of climate change in developing economies
  • Climate change and public debt
  • Climate change and international trade
  • Macroeconomic impacts of Climate change
  • The social challenge of climate induced energy transition
  • Climate change and fiscal/monetary stability
  • Spillover impacts of climate change
  • Climate change and Multilateralism

The authors are open to both theoretical and empirical work, and proposals of 1,500 words or less are due September 1, 2023. The proposal should include the question(s), research method and any preliminary findings if available. Please email proposals to with the subject line: “JGD Special Issue on Climate Change and Development” or submit completed papers directly via the link and indicate that they are for the Special Issue on Climate Change and Development.

All papers will be refereed and may not be published elsewhere. Publication of the special issue is targeted by June 2024.

Guest Editors for the Special Issue:

  • Aasheerwad Dwivedi, PhD, Assistant Professor, FMS, University of Delhi and Associate Fellow, Centre for Social and Economic Progress
  • Abebe Shimeles, PhD, Honorary Professor, University of Cape Town, South Africa
General Submissions:
  • JGD publishes articles in a number of sections, listed below. When submitting, please make a note in your cover letter indicating the section where you feel your manuscript would fit best:
    1. Research Foundations: publishes rigorous analytical papers, both theoretical and empirical.
    2. Policy Analysis: policy analysis papers can focus on a single country or a number of countries.
    3. Puzzles: welcomes short discussions on problems faced by policymakers in a “second best” world that require innovative and ingenious approaches. The aim is to bring intractable policy problems to the attention of academic researchers and thus foster a dialogue between policymakers and researchers.
    4. Symposia: Key Debates in Theory and Policy:
      fosters debates between leaders in the field around particular issues in development and globalization.
  • Manuscripts must be written in clear and concise English.
  • Before submitting your article please have a look at the Publication Ethics Statement and the copyright agreement.
  • Once your article is accepted, you have the option to publish it open access.
  • The repository policy allows you to distribute 30 PDF copies of your published article to colleagues (the PDF has to include the information that it is an author’s copy). Please also feel free to distribute the link to the online abstract.
  • If you have any general questions please, visit this FAQ page for authors.
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