Latin America and the Caribbean

Since 2010, China has been the most important export market for South America, and the second for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) as a whole. It is also among the top sources of foreign direct investment and sovereign finance. The impact of this new partner can be traced in a South American boom of agricultural and minerals commodities, as well as infrastructure construction throughout the LAC region.

This research program examines China’s impacts on LAC’s regional economies, environmental management and human development. In partnership with the Inter-American Dialogue, GCI researchers created the China-Latin America Finance Database to track loans from China’s two global policy banks, the China Development Bank and China Export-Import Bank, to LAC governments and state-owned enterprises. Other research products, including the annual China-Latin America Bulletin and working papers, explore the most important economic flows between these two regions, and the impact of this new economic partnership on LAC’s sustainable and inclusive infrastructure and investment, economic diversification and environmental governance.

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