Summer in the Field Program

The GDP Center Summer in the Field Internship Program provides summer stipends to a select group of qualified Masters and/or PhD students to participate in unpaid internships or PhD students to conduct field research for a dissertation project. This program enables students to take advantage of unpaid internship opportunities or field research that would otherwise have been financially unfeasible. Students are responsible for identifying and securing internship positions and the focus of the internship must be related to GDP Center’s mission to advance policy-oriented research for financial stability, human wellbeing, and environmental sustainability across the globe. Applicants must undergo a competitive selection process and only a limited number of stipends are available. To be considered, applicants must obtain a letter of support from a GDP Center core or affiliated faculty member.

All application materials are due by March 26, 2021. Finalists of this competitive selection process will be invited to the GDP Center for interviews before March 30, before final decisions are provided on April 2, 2021.

Following Boston University guidelines, all 2021 summer internships and fieldwork should be conducted virtually. 

Internship Opportunity

Howard Delafield International, LLP is seeking an intern to help draft case studies on research, project activities and outcomes for the ‘Game of Choice, not Chance‘ project, a USAID-funded pilot program in India targeting urban and peri-urban girls 15-19, that combines the excitement of an interactive story-based video game, the instruction from reproductive health education e-learning tools, with portal features that directly link players to health products and services in real time. Candidates should have the ability to process information and develop creative and well written drafts for case studies.

Application Requirements

  • Applicants must be Masters or PhD candidates with strong academic records and returning to classes in the Fall of 2021.
  • The internship must be related to the mission of the GDP Center.
  • The internship cannot be part of a ‘for-credit’ class in any of BU’s schools.
  • The internship must take place during the summer of 2021 for a minimum total of 200 hours on site.
  • The internship must be unpaid (not including the stipend from the Center).
  • International students are subject to ISSO regulations and/or approval.

Application Process

Prospective Masters applicants must submit a 500-750 word Statement of Purpose that outlines why they are interested in the internship, how the internship will further their career goals, why they believe that they are a strong match for the internship, and what they intend to learn/gain from the experience. Prospective PhD students must submit a 500-750 word Statement of Purpose that outlines how the field funding will help in making progress towards the completion of a dissertation project. In addition, applicants must submit an unofficial copy of their transcript, an application form, and, if an internship, a copy of the offer letter or email which details the hours of the internship and that it is unpaid. If the applicant would like to apply for the Howard Delafield International, LLP internship, please state this in the Statement of Purpose. Finally, all applications must be accompanied by a faculty member letter of recommendation. For PhD students, this letter should come from a committee member and outline how the field research support will be beneficial. All materials should be sent to

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Stipend Amount and Process

Stipend amounts can be as high as $4,000, depending on circumstances such as travel distances. They will be paid in three monthly installments. Stipend recipients participating in internships must provide contact information for their immediate supervisor so that the internship can be verified. Interns are also required to submit a mid-point internship form (filled out by their direct supervisor) and a final self-evaluation form within 30 days of the end of the internship. PhD candidates conducting field work should provide an update midway through their field work, as well as a summary of their experience after returning from the field work. All participants in this program will be invited to a luncheon event where they will present to the group about their experience.

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