Global China Fellows Program

The Boston University Global Development Policy Center (GDP Center) sponsors the Global China Fellows Program as part of its Global China Initiative (GCI), recruiting and supporting pre- and post-doctoral fellows from around the world to engage in policy-oriented research and commentary on China’s role in shaping global affairs. In addition to receiving support for their own research, fellows contribute to GCI research projects, public research seminars and policy engagement.

In addition to receiving support for their own research, fellows contribute to GCI research projects, public research seminars and policy engagement.

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Research programs:

GCI has four main research programs:

    • Data Analysis for Transparency and Accountability (DATA) manages a suite of five interactive public databases that collectively track hundreds of billions of dollars in Chinese loans and investment to a variety of sectors, including energy and other infrastructure development. 
    • Forestry, Agriculture and Indigenous Rights in the Belt and Road Initiative (FAIR-BRI) examines China’s overseas development finance with a special focus on land use, biodiversity and natural resources critical for Indigenous communities worldwide. 
    • Energy and Climate conducts research on the composition and impacts of China’s overseas energy projects, and aims to identify regional, country-level and institutional opportunities for shifting development finance and overseas engagement towards renewable energy sources. 
    • China and International Economic Order collaborates with institutes in China and other countries to understand the level and composition of Chinese development finance; the impacts of such finance on growth, stability and sustainable development; and the role of China in global economic governance. 

Fellows contribute to work across these programs, as well as database development.


Previous GCI Fellows have gone on to receive placements in academic faculty and research positions, leadership roles at global development institutions and more. Some institutions where previous fellows now work include:

    • Peking University
    • University of Denver
    • Overseas Development Institute
    • Boston Consulting Group

One of the best things about working in the Boston University Global Development Policy Center is that it provides an interdisciplinary environment where I can easily expand my horizons by learning from and working with members of the center. Even during the pandemic, the center managed to create many opportunities, such as online research colloquiums, to ensure frequent communications with scholars from different fields. My research also benefits a lot from the interdisciplinary nature of the center. I can always get timely support from the center in my projects to evaluate the social, environmental, and public health risks from China’s overseas development finance.” – Hongbo Yang, 2020-2021

“The Boston University Global Development Policy Center is a unique space for collaboration and a source of inspiration. I developed new research ideas through open and supportive conversations with senior researchers and peers from different backgrounds. From the bottom of my heart, I am very thankful for the Global China fellowship opportunity, which helps me to grow both academically and professionally. – Xia Li, 2020-2021

“Working at the Boston University Global Development Policy Center allowed me to connect to people who do research on or have professional experience with development finance. I had the opportunity to share thoughts with invited scholars, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellows, as well as development bankers through the Global China Research Colloquium and the many other events held by the center.” – Muyang Chen, 2018-2019

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