Orran Krieger

Professor (ECE)

In the News

  • Hariri Group Co-Founds AI Alliance

    The MOC Alliance is delighted to be part of the AI Alliance,” says Professor Orran Krieger (ECE), director of the MOC Alliance. “The MOC Alliance’s open-source production cloud platform, with all the operations state and telemetry available to enable innovation, make it an exciting match for the AI Alliance’s mission of advancing open, transparent AI." [ More ]

Convergent Themes

Orran Krieger is an active interdisciplinary researcher in the following area:

Intelligent, Autonomous & Secure Systems |͟↗̱|

Our research transcends disciplines across Boston University and the College of Engineering, drawing upon diverse thinking to solve societal challenges.


Department or Division: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Affiliations: Intelligent, Autonomous & Secure Systems, Primary & Affiliated Faculty