James Bird

Associate Professor (ME, MSE)

Associate Professor (ME, MSE)

  • Education Ph.D. Harvard University
  • Additional Affiliations Division of Materials Science & Engineering
  • Honors and Awards NSF CAREER Award in Fluid Dynamics, 2014
  • Areas of Interest Interfacial fluid dynamics * Fluid-solid interactions * Microfluidics * Electrohydrodynamics * Drops and bubbles
  • Research Areas James Bird’s current research interests are broadly in fluid dynamics with a specific focus on the capillary dynamics of drops and bubbles. Combining both experiments and theory, he investigates problems such as how drops spread on surfaces and how bubbles pop. His research is motivated by problems in a variety of fields, including healthcare (e.g. virus transfer via droplets), energy (e.g. boiling and condensation), and materials (e.g. foams).



Affiliation: Affiliated Faculty (MSE), Primary & Affiliated Faculty (ME), Primary & Affiliated Faculty (MSE)