Allison Kleber

Administrative Coordinator (ECE)

Administrative Coordinator (ECE)

  • Areas of Interest 1. Payroll
    a) Process all student hires and rehires
    b) Analyze and audit monthly student payroll reports
    c) Respond to student payroll related requests and issues

    2. Purchasing
    a) Process all purchasing requests
    b) Contact vendors or Service Contract Providers
    c) Follow-up and troubleshoot Problems

    3. Activities/Event Planning & Implementation
    a) ECE Special Events

    4. Faculty/ Student/ Guest travel Reimbursements

    5. Office Management
    a) Provide technical support in regard to all assigned office machines (copier, fax, printers, projectors, etc.)
    b) Office supply inventory
    c) Coffee supply inventory
    d) Key inventory

Affiliation: Administration & Staff (ECE),