Engineering Product Innovation Center

Welcome to Boston University’s Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC), an impressive 15,000 square foot, multi-million dollar makerspace located in the heart of BU’s Charles River Campus.

At EPIC, all members of the BU community can learn the skills necessary to design and build their own ideas, gain invaluable hands-on experience in design, prototyping, and small-scale manufacturing as an integral part of a strong overall engineering education.

EPIC is aligned with the mission of the College of Engineering to create societal engineers who are prepared to step up to the ever growing need in the US, and abroad, for industry leaders who understand how to develop and manufacture innovative new products in a global environment.

With our cutting edge facilities and equipment, special curriculum, and access to seasoned practitioners, EPIC’s reach exceeds the basic manufacturing research orientation of most university centers. The center is open to all BU students, regardless of major, to receive valuable training on the entire range of relevant skill sets that are vital to product innovation—design, prototyping, manufacturing, and life-cycle management.

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Make the most of your experience at Boston University! If you are a member of the BU community, you can leverage EPIC and learn how to turn your ideas into real products. The first step is to take the Online Safety Test.

Everyone who passes can have hands-on experience in manufacturing.
You do not have to major in Engineering

After you pass the test, you can use EPIC in any of four ways:
  • Enroll in one of the many design and manufacturing classes taught in EPIC.
  • Sign up for one of the clubs that meet regularly in EPIC, such as the Design Community or the Global App Initiative.
  • Bring in your own personal project (only a sketch is required) and we can help you build it.
  • Sign up to work in EPIC next year by contacting Joe Estano | Laboratory Supervisor.


We hope you will join us soon!