Intra-University Transfer In:

Students who are interested in transferring into the College of Engineering from another undergraduate school or college at Boston University must have a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.00 or higher. In addition, students must have completed a minimum of 12 credits in the semester prior to the transfer, without Incompletes or Missing Grades. It is strongly recommended that, prior to transferring, students complete at least three of the following courses with at least a 2.00 average: CAS MA 123, CAS MA 124, CAS PY 211, and either CAS CH 101 or CAS CH 131.

Students are encouraged to read the following before requesting a review of their transcript:

    1. Students should familiarize themselves with the different degree programs available to engineering students including majors, minors, and concentrations. Students will declare a major when they transfer into ENG. Minors and concentrations are optional.
    2. The details of each major are outlined on our Undergraduate Program Planning Sheets, which provide a visual representation of each degree and assist with course selection.
    3. Please note:
      • Students are expected to take 16-18 credits each semester. Any semester taken with fewer credits than outlined on the Program Planning Sheet may result in additional time to graduation (i.e. summer courses, or additional semesters).
      • Not all courses in the engineering program are offered both semesters. If a course is listed for Freshman 1, it is expected to be taken in the fall and may not be offered in the spring. For example, CAS CH 131 is offered in the fall semester only.
      • If you are “off sequence” with your courses, you may need to extend past your original graduation date to complete a degree in engineering.
      • Students should consult the Advanced Placement credit guide to see how their AP credit may apply toward a degree in Engineering.
      • The Calculus requirement for engineering is CAS MA 123, CAS MA 124, CAS MA 225 and CAS MA 226. ENG does not accept math courses numbered lower than CAS MA 123.
    4. IUT Reviews will happen shortly after final grades are posted at the end of both the Fall and Spring semesters. Students who express interest in IUTing after reviews conclude in mid-May and early January will need to wait until the next review period to officially transfer in. Such students can still take ENG courses during this time frame.
    5. Students who have read through the above guidelines and would like to pursue an intra-university transfer (IUT) into Engineering must contact Carmel Barrau ( for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Intra-University Transfer Out:

Students who are looking to IUT out of Engineering to another School/College within BU should reach out to Carmel Barrau ( of the Undergraduate Programs Office. As part of the process, students must also talk to an advisor within the School/College they seek to transfer into, who will advise on the courses to take during a student’s transitional semester(s). Please note that students may only remain in ENG while not taking classes that count towards an ENG degree (not counting Hub electives or other non-technical courses), for a total of 2 transitional semesters.