Overloading and Tuition

Overloading and Tuition

There is no form to request a tuition waiver.  All students taking 12–18 credits are charged the basic full-time tuition. Students can overload up to a maximum of 20 credits, with each credit over 18 charged at the standard per-credit rate. Engineering students who enroll for 19-20 credits for the upcoming semester will have the associated fees waived  if they meet either of the following requirements:

  • Senior class standing.
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher.

Engineering students in the first semester of their freshman year or in their first semester transferring to Boston University are not eligible to take more than 18 credits.

Overload tuition waivers for the following semester are processed twice. Once, at the conclusion of the current semester after grades have been posted and GPAs have been updated for any students that meet the above requirements. The second waiver processing occurs the week after the last day to add classes for the semester.

Spring semester:
– The tuition waiver will not be processed to your account until after your tuition bill is due.

Fall semester:
– For students who add courses after spring grades post, or are taking summer courses, the waiver will be processed one week after the last day to add classes for the fall semester.

Summer semester:
– Summer Term is independent of Engineering, and has its own policy on the number of credits that can be taken and how students should request an overload, if needed. For summer semester information, please visit the Summer Term FAQs page here.

Students with questions about this payment process should contact Student Accounting Services.