Resources | MechE PhD Students

Welcome to the BU MechE resources page created specifically for members of our Ph.D. community. We have compiled a list of the most requested forms and links for your convenience. If there is a form or link you wish to see added here, please let us know. For general resources, such as student payroll, room access, and what to do if a door is broken, you can click to go to Resources | Students.

All graduate student specific forms can be found on the College of Engineering Graduate Forms page. On this page, you can find include Graduate Petition Form, Engineering Practice Approval Form, Specialization Approval Form, and Applications to Graduate among others. Click to go directly to Graduate Student Forms.

You may also wish download and save the Ph.D. Handbook, which serves as an informative reference for all Ph.D. candidates such as academic standards, degree requirements, Ph.D qualifying exams, dissertation information, and graduation requirements.