Travel | Business Reimbursements

To initiate the reimbursement process, submit your travel or business receipts in an envelope to the *MechE administrative office or email scanned **itemized receipts to Include the following information on the envelope or in your email:
  1. Name, BUID, address, phone number
  2. Event Name
  3. Start/End Date: Only needed for events spanning across multiple dates
  4. Cost Object (SAP #): Grant Internal Order, Discretionary Account, IDC account. *Guests of MechE skip this step. No account needed*
  5. Food Expense? Remember to Include a list of attendees
  6. For gas mileage please provide Google maps to/from your current address of record to the hotel or campus
*There is a labeled drop box  located in the MechE administrative offices located at 110 Cummington, room 101. There will be a sign on the cubicle space for easy identification.
**Please be sure you are submitting itemized receipts. Receipts with just the total purchase are not accepted.