Resources | MechE Master’s Students

Welcome to the BU MechE resources page dedicated to our Master’s students. We have compiled all of the most requested forms and links for your convenience. For general resources, such as student payroll, room access, and what to do if a door is broken, you can click to go to Resources | Students. If there are any forms you wish to have listed here, please let us know. You can also click the link to go directly to all College of Engineering Graduate Student Resources.

You can click to download and save the MechE Master’s Handbook for a handy quick reference. It contains valuable information regarding academic policies, an overview of degree requirements, financial information, graduate student resources, and academic code of conduct.


MS, Mechanical Engineering
Program Planning Sheet (non-thesis)
Program Planning Sheet (thesis)

MS, Product Design & Manufacture
Program Planning Sheet (non-thesis)

Independent Study
Independent Study Proposal Form