Moving Society Forward

Global. Prestigious. Innovative.

Boston University’s College of Engineering creates the engineers who shape the lives of future generations and make the world a better place.

Students come from around the world to be a part of our selective, esteemed engineering community. And once here, they learn by doing. They’re challenged with innovative classroom teaching, applied design projects, and research opportunities. They develop the insight, teamwork, and ability to identify solutions to pressing social problems. And they do it all in the vibrant heart of Boston, one of the most important urban technology centers in the US.

We offer undergraduate, graduate, PhD, distance learning, and certificate programs, taught by acclaimed faculty—many of whom are internationally recognized for their research. And our growing campus features modern classrooms, cutting-edge research laboratories, a broad array of lectures, symposia, student clubs, and competitions.

Boston University Creating the Societal Engineer

Is a safer, greener, more sustainable world out of reach? How can we secure enough food, drinkable water, and economic opportunity for all? Can we be healthier, better connected, and more productive?

Here at the College of Engineering, we believe engineers can make a real difference in the world. Our Societal Engineers not only learn the powerful, quantitative, and creative problem-solving skills essential to all engineers—they also develop a set of equally important, complementary skills:

  • Global awareness
  • Comfort with, and effectiveness at, communication tasks
  • Systems-level thinking
  • A passion for, and understanding of, the innovation and entrepreneurial process from product design to deployment
  • Awareness of how public policies impact technology innovation and advancement
  • A social consciousness and appreciation for how products advance our quality of life while creating jobs and economic opportunity

Mission and Strategic Vision

The College of Engineering’s mission is to:

  • Educate new generations of engineers to impact every part of society.
  • Advance the frontiers of knowledge via engineering science and research.
  • Produce innovations from research and translate them into use for the betterment of society.
  • Participate as global leaders in all dimensions of science, education, technology, and society.

We are currently updating our ambitious strategic plan, focused on Growth in Excellence and creating the Societal Engineer, who has a passion to advance society. The plan emphasizes experiential education, research in engineering’s Grand Challenges with translational impact, and the creation of engineers as leaders in society.