South Asian Student Dental Association (SASDA)

The mission of the South Asian Student Dental Association (SASDA) is to promote greater cultural awareness of the South Asian community (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) and to create an environment where everyone is welcomed to explore and experience the diverse South Asian culture. SASDA works in collaboration with other GSDM and BUMC organizations to organize cultural events to celebrate various occasions/festivals throughout the year, participate in cultural activism, and focus on health issues affecting people of South Asian origin.


Instagram page: @bu_sasda


Officers 2023-2024:
Ammaar Tajani DMD 25 President
Mahnoor Mahmood DMD 24 Vice-President
Avinash Nagpal DMD 25 Secretary
Aayushi Garg DMD 25 Treasurer
Usamah Farooqi DMD 25 Social Chair
Kamala Ganapathi DMD 25 Community Outreach Chair
Dr. Samira Sheikh Faculty Advisor