Persian Student Dental Association (PSDA)

PSDA is a non-political, non-religious association that promotes appreciation and understanding of the Persian culture and to serves the Persian community of greater Boston through social, outreach, and civic engagement events.  Members strive to create an environment of loving-kindness where all are welcome to enjoy the rich traditions of Persian heritage and support the community.  PSDA annually hosts a Persian New Year Celebration at GSDM.



Officers 2023-2024:
Deyar Dashti DMD 25 President
Yazdan Eighaeisedeh DMD 25 Vice President
Parmida Masoudi DMD 26 Secretary
Parsida Masoudi DMD 26 Treasurer
Saba Farahani DMD 26 Social Media
Ava Shirzadeh DMD 26 Event Coordinator
Dr. Cameron Shahbazian
Dr. Misha Zahedi
Faculty Advisors